Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bountiful Baskets - March 3rd

This week went by way to fast for me. That's the life with little ones in tow I guess. I better get used to it because everyone tells me it just gets busier and busier as the kids (and me) get older.

First thing this morning I went to pick up my basket. I am lucky though because the pickup location is literally across the street from my neighborhood so I don't have far to travel. The organic basket was a little small this week but there is some awesome looking fruit in there. Here is the breakdown of what was in this weeks organic offering.

1 lg pineapple
1 basket blueberries
1 basket strawberries
3 large ambrosia apples
3 kiwi
1 red bell pepper
6 baby onions
3 heads broccoli
8 Roma tomatoes
1 bunch green chard
2 zucchini
1 large head green leaf lettuce

Now I'm off to do some manual labor and get our community garden started. Hopefully in the near future I won't be picking up baskets I will be picking fresh fruits and veggies from our very own tribal garden! I can't wait. Have a great weekend everyone!

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