Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday Party Cakes & Goodies

This post is soooooo overdue, but I figure better late than never!  My boys birthdays are both in November about two weeks apart so we usually throw one big party for them.  Problem with that is that I love making them a special birthday cake that involves me in the kitchen for many many hours, but seeing those little faces light up when they see the cake their mommy made them makes it all worth while!  Plus I only do it once a year!!!!

Zayne wanted a Cars 2 cake this year (yes another cars cake lol) and Karson wanted a Thomas the Train cake.  They were a lot of fun to make (although extremely time consuming), and even more fun to see how much the boys really loved them!  I got so caught up with the party and everyone that I didn't get wonderful pictures of the cakes, but luckily my mom was there to snap some for me otherwise I would have had none!  Thank you again Mom for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you :)

Thomas the Train Birthday Cake!

Cars 2 Birthday Cake!

I got all the characters for the cakes out of the My Busy Books from Barnes & Nobel for only $8.98 each!  I gave them the book with all the cleaned pieces once we were done with their cakes as an extra present.  I highly recommend these books.  They each have a different fold out mat and 12 characters that all fit inside the book.  You can take them with you on vacation, Grandma's or whatever!  We have played with them so many times and the small characters work so perfectly on a cake!

We put all the small characters in plastic baggies and use a large rubber band to keep the whole book wrapped up together so the pieces don't fall out everywhere in between uses.

For the goody bags I really wanted to stay away from candy and nonsense that I just end up throwing away. Plus their birthdays fall a month after Halloween so I know the last thing parents want is more candy!

I decided to make three different colors of home made play dough which I wrapped up in plastic wrap and tied each with a ribbon.  I bought a big container of Wilton animal pals 50 plastic cookie cutters from Michael's using a 40% off coupon and got all the cookie cutters for less than 0.20 cents each!  I put two cookie cutters in the bag along with some flat sticks for cutting and smashing the dough.  A laminated dough recipe which I laminated with regular old 2" packing tape.  A lip whistle and two organic suckers from Trader Joe's because suckers just come in handy sometimes and are always a winner with my kids! Everything went into blue paper lunch bags that I found at Target.  I cut the tops with scissors to make a cute fringe before I tucked everything inside and tied it with ribbon.  A cute thank you tag was added to the bags which I quickly made to match their invitations.

The kids really seemed to like them, and it was something fun, different and not very expensive at all!!! 


  1. I see you have robot tags! Did you design them or have someone else do it for you (like on etsy)? Kaden's 3rd party is in about a week and we're doing a robot theme at his request :)

  2. I made them myself. They had robot invitations too that matched those tags, I still have all the photoshop files if you want me to help you make something for his party!