Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Totally Practical Tip - Microfiber Cloths!!!

Sometimes an invention comes along that changes our lives so drastically that we ask ourselves, "How did I ever live without this?"  For me, I can't live without Microfiber cloths!

These clothes make miracles happen when it comes to clean-up, and the added bonus is that they are an environmentally conscious product.  Microfiber was developed in Europe in the 1990s, and has since made it's way into homes worldwide.  Amazingly, a microfiber cloth can hold seven times its own weight and they don't leave that pesky lint trail behind every swipe of your cloth.  Another great thing about these cloths is that they have a static charge which helps to attract and hold very small dust particles.  

It's hard to believe something as simple as a cloth can clean better than traditional cleaning products and without all the added chemicals.  Because of their ability to remove dirt so effectively, chemicals are not required to "disinfect".  Microfiber can be washed and used more than 500 times without losing structural integrity or affecting performance.  What's not too love?  You will use many less chemicals in your house, fewer paper towels, which are incredibly wasteful, kill thousands of trees, and ultimately end up in landfills and your wallet will thank you over and over again!   

When looking for quality microfiber, choose one that looks like the weave of a terry towel as opposed to a flat cloth, since the small loops unique to terry are better for capturing small particles.  I like to work with two clothes at once.  A damp one and a dry one.  The dry one helps for buffing out final streaks after the damp cloth has worked it's magic.  

So now, if you are cleaning your counters, appliances, TVs, wood, bathrooms, glass/mirrors (yes they even work wonderful on glass!), car, leather, stainless steel, tile, walls or anything else "fingerprinty" in your home, let the microfiber towel help you get it done faster, cleaner, and greener :)  Give this amazing towel a try today, and it might just wipe out your habits of cleaning with chemicals and paper towels!  

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