Sunday, September 18, 2011

So in an effort to get on here and blog a little more I am giving myself one more task for the week.  And that's getting my camera out and snapping some photos.  Don't get me wrong, I love to do it! In fact photography has always been a passion of mine.  It's usually not a problem say......if were on a trip or something, I'm right there ready to snap that next moment.  But honestly day to day, my life just seems a little too hectic to drag the camera out for those everyday "special moments".  So.....with that being said I am going to make it a priority to get that camera out at least one day a week to get a few everyday shots in and work on my phtography skillz haha.  I am going to post my "Picture of the week"  here every week (hopefully) so come back soon to see what's new. 

Here is this weeks picture. 

 We had a rainy week and I just LOVE to watch the rain when it's coming down hard.  This pic was taken after the rain had stopped late one night. We have been spoiled with much cooler temps here (in Henderson, NV) all week and I'm not ready for it to go into the 90's again :( Boohoo

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