Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boring sandwiches again? Problem solved!

If your like me I have a bunch of cookie cutters that I have stuffed in a bag and I hardly ever use them.  Just recently I decided to try cutting the kids bread into shapes using my cookie cutters.  It worked great and now I can change up the shape every time without buying more "stuff" to fit in my kitchen.  The larger cutters seem to work best for me because it's one cut and I'm done, but I have used other smaller cutters and just needed to punch out the shape two or three times for the slice.  If your kids like their bread toasted I would suggest cutting your bread into the shape you want before you throw it in the toaster.  The kids love opening their sandwich boxes and seeing what shape they got and always gobble it down.  My kids favorite sandwiches are peanut butter & honey and also turkey with balsamic.  What kind of sandwiches do your kids like best?

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