Friday, May 13, 2011

High Five Handprint Flowers

These hand print flower's are an absolutely adorable craft for kids of all ages to make.  They are very inexpensive to put together, in fact all of the items you need for this project you can probably find already in your house.  Most of the crafts I post here will focus on reusing materials that you would normally throw away.  Why not right?  OK, so we made these little hand print flowers for mothers day to give to my kids grandmothers.  I used one hand print from both of my kids in each of the vases I made.  If you had the extra time, you could do a whole bunch though and it would be just darling!

What you need to make your own hand print flowers:
~ A recycled glass bottle with the label removed (soak them in warm soapy water overnight if you are having trouble)
~ One set of unused chopsticks per vase (I always save them when we order Chinese food and stash them away with our craft supplies)
~ Some colored craft paper
~ Acrylic paint (any colors you have)
~ Glass beads, fake grass, or rocks for the vase filler
~ Hot glue (this seems to work the best for me and it dries super fast)
~ Glue stick

Step 1: Have your child dip their hand in paint to make a nice hand print on a white piece of paper and let dry.
Step 2: Meanwhile, break the chopsticks apart and paint them all green, let dry
Step 3: Cut yourself out some "leaves" from a piece of green craft paper, then poke a small hole in base of each leaf and set aside. 
Step 4: Once all your hand prints are completely dry, cut out the hands individually.  I then glue the hand prints to another piece of colorful craft paper using the glue stick and cut them out again.  This makes them thicker and gives them each a cute colored border.
Step 6: Push the chopsticks through the small holes you made in the leaves and slide the leaves up the stick until you have them about centered between the stick.  Use a small dot of hot glue to adhere the leaves to the stick.
Step 5: Once your hand prints are all dry, turn them over (paint side down) and hot glue the chopstick to the back of the hand print and let dry a few minutes. 
Step 6: While they are drying, use whatever vase filler you like (beads, fake grass, rocks) and place in the glass jar.
Step 7: Take your dried hand print flowers and stick them into the jar.
Step 8 (optional): Place a dot of hot glue behind each stick and glue them to the inside rim of the glass jar so they won't flop out or move around any.

These "flowers" will be cherished for many years, and you can always make more hand print flowers to add to your vase as the kids hands get bigger.  Then they can really see their flowers (and fingers) GROW!

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