Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cute (and Easy) Ladybug Pet Rocks!

Cute spring craft.  Make some ladybug pet rocks from a couple rocks that you can probably find from your own yard (the boys got to "hunt" for their own special rock first).  Then we simply painted them red and waited about 30 minutes to dry.  Used some black paint and painted a face on 1/4 of rock with a stripe down the middle and a triangle shape on the other end.  The kids then dipped ONE finger in the black paint and painted spots on their ladybugs.  I then waited a few minutes and glued the googly eyes on.  You could also use a little white paint and dab two white eyes on them if you don't have any googly eyes.  This was so much fun, and the boys have just loved having their cute little ladybugs.  As for mine....well it's keeping my baby artichoke plant company.

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